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The Secret Of Animation (So Easy)

Did you know that making animation is extremely easy? With the right tools, you can start animating your own short film or video within minutes! The future is here guys, animation has never been so simple. Just get your 3D model ready and with some preparation, you will be ready to go in no time. Let Giovanni Braggio, a freelance animator based in London, show you exactly how. Continue reading

Le Royaume “The King and the Beaver” Animation

Just stumbled across a short little animation that is done as a student graduating film in the year 2010 at Gobelins. The animation is about a king and a beaver. The story goes something like this. There is this beaver that is neglected by his friends and laughed at because he cannot chew a piece of wood. There comes the king who offers the beaver a task to do, to build him a castle. What happens next is best if you watch it yourself! Continue reading

Krush – A Short 3D Animation

Krush, the title of a shortt 3D animation film that I have recently come across while browsing youtube. The story of Krush goes along the lines of garbage eating monsters and humans. What can possibly happen? Watch to find out. Oh and please, the first few minutes of the video may look as if it is catered for children aged 7 and below, but in all honesty it isn’t. Parental guidance is definitely appreciated. Without further ado, read on for the video! Continue reading


Dan the man is the title of an animated video that features Dan, as the protagonist saving a princess. The animation is based on the gaming world and has great resemblance to many side scrolling games. The storyline is very much like Mario in the case that the hero fights the evil to save a princess. What happens after the princess is saved? Read on to find out the rest of the video.

Continue reading

Persona Trinity Soul Review

Take note, this isn’t a review of a game. Instead, it is a review of an Anime called, Persona Trinity Soul. Persona Trinity Soul, from the title itself, is based on the game series Persona. A persona in English definition is basically a word used to describe a social role or character played by an actor. In other words, it simply meant that it is like a mask of the person. In the show and game, the persona is basically like a supernatural character/soul/avatar that comes out of a person. With that said, these personas do have supernatural powers and abilities.That's Shin's Persona Continue reading