Krush – A Short 3D Animation

Krush, the title of a shortt 3D animation film that I have recently come across while browsing youtube. The story of Krush goes along the lines of garbage eating monsters and humans. What can possibly happen? Watch to find out. Oh and please, the first few minutes of the video may look as if it is catered for children aged 7 and below, but in all honesty it isn’t. Parental guidance is definitely appreciated. Without further ado, read on for the video!

Now you do understand why I don’t recommend it for kids too young and tender of an age. pieces of limbs and arms, incapacitated heads and pools of blood isn’t so much of a teletubbies fun or exploring with Dora. Serve the humans right for ill treating the monsters! Oh wait a minute, I’m human too (or am I a dancer? Sorry… moving on)? Noo, the monsters are coming for us! Damn those garbage eating monsters, wouldn’t it be their fantasy to be fed rubbish? I mean they do love eating all kinds of stuff. I mean seriously they’ll have an endless flow of food being our rubbish bins! Damn, I bet human meat tastes better ya? Its like how many of us don’t want to become vegetarian as we think meat is nicer.

Anyways just a short little fun 3D animation to keep you through the new week! Have a nice week ahead!

P.S Just found out that the user disabled embedding, oh well. Click on the image to go to the video url.

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