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Starting Title ScreenMonsters Love Gum is an arcade styled game best played with family and friends. It is out only for the iPad due to the way the game is being played. The main objective of the game is to simply eat as many gums as possible, and eat them as fast as you can. The player who eats a certain amount of gum before the rest wins the round/game. It plays something like hungry hippos if you know what game that is. So how does the game actually fair? Is it as yummy as gum? Read on to find out more.

There are 2 types of game modes to select from. One mode releases only one colour of gum for all players to fight for. The other mode specifies a specific individual colour for each player, of which they have to eat only that particular coloured gum within the round or it will minus the player’s score. In my opinion, the second mode is of much more strategy and fun while the other is more of mindless tapping. Whichever modes you choose to play, you are given the choice of 4 different types of monsters to play with. Each of them having their own unique style of sucking in the gum as well as the recovery and quickness of each suck. They do add a bit more variety and dimension to the game but not much since the overall gameplay strategy works the same way no matter who you decide to play with.Monsters Selection

There are other settings to choose from for example the number of rounds to determine the winner and the amount of gum to be eaten to win. All these settings simply extent the time each round last and do nothing more. You have the option to play with another 3 human players but if you can’t find any, the option to play with the CPU is kind of alright.

As the game starts, you realize that most of the time you will be simply tapping as soon as gums come near your reach. There is no way to suck gum from any other direction except directly in front of you. If you played the first mode, you simply can just tap away like a mindless freak to win. Else you have to be careful to only tap and suck in gums that are the same colour as whatever you are assigned to. There are the power-up gums as well and every time you eat one of them, it gives you the opportunity to unleash a skill to turn the game into your favour. There are several different kind of power-ups to choose from, most of which sabotages your opponents as it prevents them from eating any gum for a period of time or make them puke up the gum they have eaten.Tornado Power-up

Mindless fun? Yeah, pretty much so but only with family and friends though. If you play alone, you’ll feel bored within a round or 2. There isn’t much difficulty or strategy except to tap whenever necessary. Sabotaging the CPU does not give you any sense of satisfaction let alone winning them. It is however somewhat fun if you sit around with the family to play a round or 2 of monsters eating gum before bedtime or something. However with some friends around, it usually give a good laughter or two. What is really great about the game would be the colourful and bright graphics. It really makes the game look fun and happy and certainly gives you the arcade kind of feeling. The music also helps in making the game feel more lively and fun.Gum Madness

I must say that with such bright colourful graphics and such simplistic gameplay, I assume this would be very suitable for the young children. Parents wanting to interact more with their kids can maybe get this game and play with them once or twice whenever there is free time. Other than that, I don’t really think the game would grab the attention of an adult for long. For $2.99, see if the game interests your kids and if it does feel free to buy it. If you’re an adult looking for some party games, I will strongly recommend you to look for other alternatives.

(As this review is written, the game is on sale at $0.99!)

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