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Browser FPS BeGone Review

BeGone is an online First Person Shooter (FPS) that is playable from your browser. The only necessary requirement of the game is for a plug-in to be installed. It features your basic typical FPS multiplayer gameplay where there are two teams and the first team to eliminate the other wins. There is no registration required, just visit the site and you can get to play a match just like that. How exactly does this browser game fair? Read on for a more in-depth review of the game, and remember to check out the slotzo spielen games as well. Note that this review is based on the latest version played as of this article is written. Continue reading

iPad Monsters Love Gum Game Review


Starting Title ScreenMonsters Love Gum is an arcade styled game best played with family and friends. It is out only for the iPad due to the way the game is being played. The main objective of the game is to simply eat as many gums as possible, and eat them as fast as you can. The player who eats a certain amount of gum before the rest wins the round/game. It plays something like hungry hippos if you know what game that is. So how does the game actually fair? Is it as yummy as gum? Read on to find out more. Continue reading

Booster Trooper Review

Booster Trooper is an indie game developed by DnS Development. The gameplay is similar to that of Bionic Commando Rearmed (the multiplayer part of it) and the other indie game named Soldat. It puts players in a specific selected map or level and within each round you simply battle it out with other players. It plays like an action side-scroller with the use of both the keyboard and mouse for movement and firing. The game is out in Steam for $9.99 USD. Continue reading