Le Royaume “The King and the Beaver” Animation

Just stumbled across a short little animation that is done as a student graduating film in the year 2010 at Gobelins. The animation is about a king and a beaver. The story goes something like this. There is this beaver that is neglected by his friends and laughed at because he cannot chew a piece of wood. There comes the king who offers the beaver a task to do, to build him a castle. What happens next is best if you watch it yourself!

The animation and drawing is simply delightful. Damn, that must be quite a lot of work, time and effort put into the animation but nevertheless the student sure must feel very accomplished after seeing the finished product. So thought that I would just share with you this nice little animation with you guys. Happy Sunday as well. Sucks that tomorrow is Monday… I don’t want this weekend to end.

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