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Le Royaume “The King and the Beaver” Animation

Just stumbled across a short little animation that is done as a student graduating film in the year 2010 at Gobelins. The animation is about a king and a beaver. The story goes something like this. There is this beaver that is neglected by his friends and laughed at because he cannot chew a piece of wood. There comes the king who offers the beaver a task to do, to build him a castle. What happens next is best if you watch it yourself! Continue reading

MSN Cartoon

Cartoonize Your Personal Photos

With MSN Cartoon Beta, you can now convert your personal pictures into cartoons! Amazing but true. However, I found that the cartoon produced look least like to the real photo. Oh well, still beta. You can choose different hairstyles, accessories (Glasses for now) to put on your cartoon character. And before completing, you can also select one of the many different emotions. For example if you want your cartoon to look angry, you select the angry icon and his whole face turns red with rage.

What made me “wow” is the ability to detect the eyes, nose and mouth. Yes that is right! MSN Cartoon is able to detect where your eyes, mouth and nose is on your personal picture. And from that, they will draw out your cartoon picture! Amazing is it? Read more to see a live demonstration of the application in process as well as the address to it!

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