Quest for Style and Substance 2

A book may look fantastic on the cover but the content within it may be simply garbage. Likewise, a book may look terrible on the cover but the words within it speak great volume. A combination of both style and substance brings about what I would refer to as perfection. Indeed, to have both style and substance is incredibly difficult in real life. However, it is my quest to search for both that perfect blend of style and substance, in the virtual football world of Fifa 12. Yes, this is the next episode of my Fifa 12 gaming commentary series and the whole introduction was nothing but filler nonsense.

This commentary was delayed for quite some time because of the recent events that have taken placed. I’ve initially finished recording the footage and edited out the different highlights about a month ago. I’ve only recorded the commentary about a week back. The past month was simply spending my time in an army camp learning to become a soldier. Yes, the compulsory national service that all young Singaporean boys will have to go to become men, so they say. Well, shan’t comment much on that but anyways, for the next 23 months my online activity will be extremely slow. I’m feeling the pinch and sadness due to this horrendous disruption; my precious youth wasted away like that. Anyways, had a few feedback on the previous video that I should simply show the highlights and goals instead of filling the video up with sped-up boring footage. Some people also told me that I should try talking more on the game. So yeah, this is the second episode with those modifications, do let me know how it is.

What I do plan to do when I have the time is to add in additional stuff within the video for example special effects or whatever else that will make the video more interesting. As of now the format of simply highlight and goals and me talking just on the match is rather monotonous and boring. So yeah, I’ll work towards that to increase the video content quality.

As for my gameplay itself, it has been quite a few matches already and still my gameplay is as boring and direct as ever. Of course I do perform a few tricks here and there but it is nothing as fancy as what you see others do. I will get there eventually though, I know it but other than that I’ve reach Division 1 within this very episode. Started off rather poorly having played 4 and of that I drawn 3 and only won 1 of them. Hopefully I will be able to reach the safety zone else I’ll be back to Division 2 again. Opponents I’ve faced within Division 1 so far aren’t that much tougher than in Division 2 but nevertheless they do defend and attack pretty damn well. Usually most opponents I’ve faced can either only attack well or defend well but not both. Division 1 however is different in that respect. Nevertheless, I think I’ll be able to scrap it through if I’m on form, else I’ll be suffering huge losses and you can tell seeing the amount of goals I’ve let in in all those matches within the video.

Alright, so watch the vid, hear what I say and let me know how I can improve the video as well as my in-game skills.

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