Happy Teachers’ Day 2009

The actual day itself is supposed to be tomorrow, the 1st of September. But of course, it is better to be early than late, it is better to do it now than never (was worried that I might feel lazy tomorrow). Today, the school celebrated as well with tomorrow being a holiday for all staff and students. Teachers’ Day is always special to different students and the different studying stages they are currently in.

I remembered that during my primary school days, teachers’ day was the day where lessons wouldn’t be carried out at all.  My friends would come to school earlier to do up the blackboard (Yes, during my primary school time, we still used chalk and the blackboard.), using chalks of different colours, they would design some kind of greetings to our teachers. That itself, obstructs teachers from using the board thus they simply let us have free time during lessons.  It has almost been the same since Primary 4, where the board always gets filled up with beautiful wordings and greetings. After that, we would have some performances and stuff like that before actually finally going home.

As for my current secondary school days, for the past 4 years (including this year), we basically had ACES day in the morning, lessons for an hour before finally going to the auditorium for the celebration itself. Most teachers during the one hour of lessons would simply joke with us and start conversations that are completely out of the textbook. The whole atmosphere has always been light-hearted and happy, where some of my friends who brought gifts started giving out to the respective teachers whenever seeing them. After the concert and celebrations, students often go back to their primary school to see the few people who groom and taught them the past few years. During this time of going back, students often catch up with their other primary school friends as well as teachers. To talk to your primary school teacher when you are in secondary school feels much different, as in conversations often are more serious and important, with a pinch of the exchanging of the different philosophies of life.

Secondary 1, I went back to my primary school to see my teachers. I had a fun time talking to them. I told my Chinese teacher that I flunked in Chinese and immediately she gave me a sarcastic face. Yeah it meant to be a joke, I didn’t actually fail my Chinese but put it simply, I did badly for it. She  then went on saying that I should buck up and not disgrace or something along that line. I then went looking for my Math cum Science cum English cum Everything Else teacher, where she praised me saying that I’ve grown up a lot. After talking for awhile, I went to catch up with my friends talking during a soccer match.

However, that didn’t last at all. Secondary 2 to now, 4, I’ve never gone back to my primary school. Well, it is not as if I didn’t bother about it anymore, it was more like I couldn’t go back. Why? Who would be so cruel to not let me go back? Well, it was the harsh events and situations of life. You see, my school was in a rather secluded area and it wasn’t a school of perfect standards. Student intake was low and thus the Ministry of Education decided to close it down. Boohoo, now I’ve no more primary school to return to.

Well it doesn’t matter though, for it is the thought that counts eh? Yeah, I’ll always be thinking of how fantastic you teachers are for grooming me into the person I am now. I’ll also be thankful and grateful for all the work and effort put into helping my studies as well as character development.

To my primary school teachers, I’ve enjoyed every single second of the time spent in school and now I realised how much it actually meant to me. It was fun and enriching experience and up to now, I still can remember much of the different special events that taken placed. I wished that I can go back to the school to see you people again, boasting to you guys how I’m currently on my way to failure. Primary school was special, for the bonds and relationship between us students and you teachers are extremely close. The school and student body was small, thus allowing more time for the individual teachers to spend building up those special bonds with us. And I totally appreciated the bonds that are made and thankful for all the hard work you guys have put into the last minute preparations, the care and concern and of course the scoldings as well.

Not forgetting my secondary school teachers, I myself would like to thank you teachers for all that you’ve done. For the different years I’ve been in the school, you different teachers provided me with invaluable teachings and experience. You showed me that caring and sharing had different styles, that teaching does not necessary have to be boring and dull.

Most of you dedicated yourselves into this teaching career and I salute your noble aspirations of grooming the young into future leaders. From the bottom of my heart,

Happy Teachers’ Day.

Alright, how about not giving us homework for the September holidays? Please?

Primary School Teachers 2004

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