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Happy Teachers’ Day 2009

The actual day itself is supposed to be tomorrow, the 1st of September. But of course, it is better to be early than late, it is better to do it now than never (was worried that I might feel lazy tomorrow). Today, the school celebrated as well with tomorrow being a holiday for all staff and students. Teachers’ Day is always special to different students and the different studying stages they are currently in.

I remembered that during my primary school days, teachers’ day was the day where lessons wouldn’t be carried out at all.  My friends would come to school earlier to do up the blackboard (Yes, during my primary school time, we still used chalk and the blackboard.), using chalks of different colours, they would design some kind of greetings to our teachers. That itself, obstructs teachers from using the board thus they simply let us have free time during lessons.  It has almost been the same since Primary 4, where the board always gets filled up with beautiful wordings and greetings. After that, we would have some performances and stuff like that before actually finally going home. Continue reading