Am I Smart Enough?

Today was a day that stretched my mental and intelligence limit. It was a day whereby the creams of the crops come to compete to become the cream of the cream. For those who are successful, they get a huge reward. And that is allowing their school fees to be completely waived for the rest of their secondary and junior college life. Today was the scholarship test for integrated programme students. It was an experience I felt around 6 years back when I took this test to see if I qualified for a higher form of education (GEP, Gifted Education Programme is what we call in Singapore) and I failed terribly. Now here I am back again taking a similar kind of test hoping for the best so as to save money on school fees. The experience was actually not too bad, just stressful.

The test consisted of 7 sections, each containing around 15 – 25 questions. Areas which are tested are students’ intelligence quota, math and English knowledge. I sucked in English, am careless in math, and average in IQ tests. Time given per section is around 10 mins and if you divide it up you get only around 30 sec per question. I know you are feeling the pressure now. For me, it was like defusing a bomb just that if the bomb blows up, I have to pay for the damages the bomb did and will not die. To make it worst, I felt like peeing throughout the test. Therefore, adding on to the analogy would be that not only did I have to defuse the bomb, I had to cope with the urge to pee. Excitement, anxiety is what I felt throughout the test. The time given was simply too little. The questions are definitely tough, the time given is extremely little, and for me I had to reframe myself from letting loose of my bladder. Still, I lasted through the 1 hour plus test duration and am a survivor. The test was well okay, tough at times and easy at others. But if you asked me how confident I am to become the cream of the cream of the crops, I would say not at all. I know, when there is a will there is a way. But you just have to accept the fact that, sometimes no matter how much confidence you have, will as much as you may, some things just cannot be done. Not everything is possible, it is a fact. Google engineering practicum may be useful for your academic disciplines.

I learnt a few important lessons from this experience. First is to always go to the toilet before any major events, even if you do not have the urge to, just go and try to release as much as you can. Second, take life easy and do not feel disappointed if what you hope for is not possible to be archive. Lastly, do your best.l I did my best in this test, did you?

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