Modern Warfare 2 and Metal Gear Solid EP 1

What do you get when you mash up two of the biggest games in the gaming industry? One hella of a video filled with coolness and fun laughter. This crossover parody finds Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 team up with Snake from Metal Gear Solid to fight the evil bad guys (Activistsun). Sounds familiar? Yeah it pretty much sounds like the real life scenario of the Activision and Infinity Ward dispute. Anyways, the video basically introduces some of the plot and that is there is this Modern Gear (one hell of a weapon) to be stopped.

The video itself has lots of funny moments especially the parody of Snake himself for example the card-box movement and the staring at the boobies etc. If you’ve played your games well you should understand the inside jokes a little more. The second part will be out soon within this week I think. Anyways, enjoy this cleverly done video.

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