DotA Movie – TerrorBlade’s Revenge

Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is an extremely popular custom map made using the Warcraft 3 engine. Yes, the Warcraft 3 engine and the game itself is old, very old but the custom map DotA lives on up till today. Widely popular and still is popular all around the world. You get competitions of global scale (i.e. World Cyber Games) and many other newer games being built on the concept that made DotA so addictive. There other games out there such as Heroes of Newerth, HoN, League of Legends, LoL and probably the upcoming DotA 2 (by Valve by the way) all based on heroes and those 3 lanes of awesomeness. Anyways like all popular games you expect to see insane modifications and external uses of them. We’ve got the Angry Birds comedy, Metal Gear Solid and Modern Warfare short parody films and so on. This time around we have a DotA movie, a movie of the life of TerrorBlade, a hero within the game.

Yes you might need to have a little background knowledge of the game and how it is played to understand some parts of the movie. For example the lanes and stuff are stuff present within the game. Some of the powers present are also part of the original heroes’ abilities that can be used within a match itself. The characters and their relationships etc are all also established within the game itself. For example them being brothers are also part of the story within the game. Such information would be great to have but isn’t a requirement to enjoy the movie.  It is an hour long but it should be worthwhile especially for fans of the game.

The movie as a whole isn’t that of epic entertainment but is fun to watch. Story isn’t of highest creativity or depth but does enough to keep the movie interesting and entertaining. Voice overs aren’t the best quality but yeah does the job well enough I supposed. What is most amazing about the movie however, is the effort and time spent into capturing all the different scenes and acts. I mean seriously? How do you even do all of that? The camera work, special effects are all really impressive in my opinion.

I will not be surprised if this inspired you to start a match or 2 with one of those heroes that are mentioned within the movie. I mean it is kind of like how you often reenact a particular super hero moment that you just watched in the movies a while ago. I mean at least I do, I often imagine myself in some of those extraordinary situations with those extraordinary powers and just dream about using them. Same thing, reenact the battles or the feelings of the characters as you play them within a match.

On a side note, I do love the heroes Magina and Terrorblade in the game. I mean both of them are awesome heroes to use. And if you’re wondering, I’ve quit playing the game about 3 years ago. I ain’t that good anyways.

[image by Naryah2012 @ deviantart]

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One thought on “DotA Movie – TerrorBlade’s Revenge”

  1. Terrorblade or his early incarnation Demon Hunter.. has been my idol since I’ve known/played that hero.. He is the real anti-hero of the game.. but he does have the reason to be so.. TerrorBlade and as I call him, his early incarnation Demon Hunter.. both were betrayed by his own race.. and humiliated..

    So, they changed their alliance..

    but Magina, however looks almost same as his brother.. doesn’t appeal much to the fans (as far as I am concerned.. and I am not talking about his skills, but his story) because people like to support the underdogs, tragic heroes.. rebellions.. they see them doing something, they would like to do..

    The story really filled my heart.. I would like to see more like this.. even I may pay for the theatre, if these gets released as a full movie..

    I love TerrorBlade/Demon Hunter… I love DOTA/War Craft III

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