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DotA Movie – TerrorBlade’s Revenge

Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is an extremely popular custom map made using the Warcraft 3 engine. Yes, the Warcraft 3 engine and the game itself is old, very old but the custom map DotA lives on up till today. Widely popular and still is popular all around the world. You get competitions of global scale (i.e. World Cyber Games) and many other newer games being built on the concept that made DotA so addictive. There other games out there such as Heroes of Newerth, HoN, League of Legends, LoL and probably the upcoming DotA 2 (by Valve by the way) all based on heroes and those 3 lanes of awesomeness. Anyways like all popular games you expect to see insane modifications and external uses of them. We’ve got the Angry Birds comedy, Metal Gear Solid and Modern Warfare short parody films and so on. This time around we have a DotA movie, a movie of the life of TerrorBlade, a hero within the game. Continue reading

This Isn’t Hogwarts

Recently finished watching the latest Harry Potter movie and therefore still had the Harry Potter magical adventures hype and vibes all around me. Saw this on youtube immediately clicked it and enjoyed the few minutes of the song. Kind of cute actually, the song that is. How I wished there was such a thing or place called “Hogwarts”. But yeah, there won’t be one in reality any time soon anyways.

Have fun watching it.

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