Mario Golf The Movie

Hey I’m back again with another video game movie trailer. Been following the same person who created the other movie trailer spoofs and found that his videos are rather entertaining and funny. Anyways, this time its mario golf the movie. It talks about the story where Mario, the championship pro golfer, is involved with a sex scandal.

Theres like a recent surge of pro atheletes getting involved with such scandals its just sad but… but… MARIO, how could you? You are the childhood hero and character of so many children out there! (Probably adults by now) You’re the best and most famous plumber there ever existed! You’re the golfer many other newbie golfers want to grow up to become! Yeah, alright whatever. Lets just hope he can win that championship and rebuild his career. And yes I’m implying to both the movie Mario as well as the person he is spoofing. I mean he is one of the greats eh?

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