Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch Trailer

I stumbled upon the video at some forums and the first thing that came into my mind after looking at the title was: “Hey isn’t Mark Leung that guy that made some RPG parody video or something?” Yup, I went into the channel, looked at his past videos and indeed, it is the guy back in 2006 that made the rather popular “College Saga”. Really awesome humorous stuff he have there. I was surprised to actually see that he now have a full fledged RPG game released, should be extremely funny as well. Anyways, here it is, the game trailer for his RPG game called: “Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch”, read on for the video.

Hilarious? Yeah, there is a demo up already at his site so be sure to check it out and if you’re really interested you can actually purchase the game. Should provide some laughter and fun through this Christmas season. Some background information of the game taken off the official site:

Since the beginning of time, RPGs have taken themselves far too seriously. They’re plagued by recycled stories, stock characters and a clichéd pseudo-medieval fantasy setting.

It’s time for someone to make fun of these games. BIG TIME. That’s where “Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch” comes in: it’s a fully playable parody RPG. Think of it as an RPG gone wrong.

Inspired by Christianity, double rainbows, Kim Jong Il, flaming trolls and Final Fantasy, “Revenge of the Bitch” features characters and monsters that are bizarre hybrids of public figures and well-known characters. There’s Jhompson, a summonable character inspired by Jack Thompson and Illidan Stormrage, and McFunny, a boss character inspired by the Joker and Ronald McDonald. Recent events such as the subprime mortgage crisis also inspired a bank-themed dungeon and a cleric named Brother Lehman.


The idea for “Revenge of the Bitch” came soon after College Saga, Mark Leung’s satirical video series. The Uglysoft team was formed with the help of the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong’s School of Design. After several months of experimenting with game engines, the game’s production team decided on Torque Game Engine Advanced. Production started in 2009. Originally, “Mark Leung” was conceived as a full game, but as the game story expanded, it was soon turned into an episodic series, with each episode carrying its own theme and sub-plot.


The second episode, “The Communist Manifesto,” is now in conceptualization stage. Production is on track to starting in 2011. The plot will focus upon the two main religion’s petty rivalry and Mark’s latent Communist powers. New classes include Enchanter and Communist.


The game’s soundtrack is scored by Leonard To and Matthew Myers. Background music for live action cinematics mostly uses stock music. Sound effects are arranged by various members of the production team. Mark Leung voiced many creatures that do not resemble common animals, such as the Bitchkraken and Goldman Sex, as well as some birds in the background. He also arranged all of the ambient tracks.

The Uglysoft team has dedicated two and a half years of hard work into producing what they hope is the strangest game ever. Give it a try. It should be a happy mindf*ck.

— Mark Leung

Mark Leung Official Site

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