Let’s End Unboxing Video

Do you watch unboxing videos? Watching such videos allows you to see the latest tech gadgets, toys and everything under the sun getting removed from their very own boxes and packaging before your very screen. Isn’t that wonderful? Well, it isn’t the case to every single person especially so with the creator of this unboxing video parody! Read on for the videoIn all honestly, it speaks quite a bit of truth. For me, it gets me really jealous whenever I see the same person taking out the latest gadgets over and over again week after week. It sure is exciting though, only if I am about to get that particular thing in the near future. In all other cases, no unboxing videos are boring and a waste of time.

I mean reviews are informative and I love watching them but unboxing videos? Nah, not really. Oh and yes I am guilty that I did do partial unboxing in my review of some iPad accessories as well, but at least it is partial and isn’t a full fledged video just dedicated to me using my razor to rip open the packaging and stuff.

So what do you think about unboxing videos? Fun? Exciting? Or just plain unnecessary? Whichever it is, you do have to say that those plastic sure look good in the video!

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