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DropZap Menu ScreenDropZap is a game that is somewhat like Tetris and Drop7. A combination of ideas from both brings you a new unique concept of gameplay mechanics. DropZap requires some thinking, and it is definitely one of those games that make you addicted once you pick it up.

The game aim is simple. Simply clear as many blocks as you can. The blocks come in various sizes, and can only be destroyed when it is at its smallest size (the little red ones you see in the screenshots). Otherwise, it will simply shrink smaller each time they are zapped. Basically you are given a block to drop on a given layer. This layer keeps building up depending on the mode you are playing. Every time you drop a block, it will zap the blocks below it and at its sides. If it does destroy a block and the whole column moves down, a combo starts. In other words, every time a block moves, it will zap the blocks in its row and column. It is really hard to explain but you can see it in action in the gameplay video below.

DropZap Gameplay 1

Therefore, you can chain up several combo by planning in advance. Destroying blocks gives you points, but destroying them many at a time or with just a single move gives you even higher scores. In order to achieve a high score, you have to create combos. The game have 4 game modes available. They all have the same aim, to destroy the blocks and rack up the score board. The game modes are, “Standard”, “Relentless”, “Action” and “Relentless Action”. Standard mode puts players into a position where they have to reach a certain aim of blocks to be destroyed to proceed to the next level. Relentless is the mode that never ends. Just keep on playing and rack up the scores as long as you can. Action is the mode where it is like standard but with a timer. Every few seconds result in a new layer of blocks appearing whether you have drop the block in your hand or not. Relentless Action means the Action mode but it never ends.

DropZap HighScore

The game is addictive and fun. Every time you rack up huge combos you will definitely be pleased. The music and sound effects in the game is alright. You can hear it for yourself in the video. The funny thing is that the sound effects for each zap in a combo might come together to form a rather cute and nice short music. Graphics in the game is simple but sufficient.

With all that said, the game is currently free for a limited time. Get it and never regret having it on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Official Game Site: http://www.dropzap.com/

[youtube 1ub6gCU03iE]

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