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Colorix Main ScreenColorix is a fantastic tetris-like strategic puzzle game. The concept behind the game isn’t very new but the execution and the additional mechanics make it such a beauty. Colorix was firstly released on the Android and just recently ported to the iPhone. This review is based on the iPhone version. The game is currently out for $2.99 and you can click the link right at the bottom of this review to get to it.Colorix Stairs Combo

The objective of the game is extremely simple. Rack up as much points as you can before you lose. There is only one way to lose. You are unable to keep the marbles from reaching the top. Think Tetris and the other game (can’t remember what is the name, okay that doesn’t make any sense at all). For Colorix, each turn gives you 3 marbles. They are vertically stacked (meaning 3 rows 1 column) and can be shifted among each other. For example if the 3 marbles are red green and blue, you can shift it into blue green red, red blue green and so on. Matching up 3 or more of the same coloured marbles results in them disappearing from the game and thus giving you the points. Points are also awarded when you drop the marbles instantly.Colorix Tips and Tricks

Here comes the very interesting part of the game. There are combos in the game that can be carried out to rack up the points. To be exact, 10 combos are there for you to master. They come in various shapes and sizes but what you need to know exactly is the shape. The colours can be mixed and matched to get the same combo but the shape must be exactly the same as that of specified. I must say this makes the game not only much more fun, but also much more strategic. To execute high point combos, you have to think ahead by a few steps. Take into account the risk that you need to take while waiting for the exact pieces that you need. Check out the gameplay video below to see some of the combos in action.Colorix Ladder Combo

There are several different coloured marbles. But there are 3 special marbles that you need to take note of. First is the rainbow marble. Like the name, it can be any colour you wish. You don’t exactly choose the colour but it simply blends in and form chains with any other colours. Second the white marble. The white marble becomes a random colour when it lands. Take the risk or play safe? You decide. Lastly, there are black timed marbles. These black marbles have turn timing on them. They range from 1 to a lot, plan well and use them to your advantage. With these 3 special marbles (the black and rainbow to be specific), you can execute the hardest of all combos. It is hard to even think on the spot on which column to place the marbles, let alone thinking and planning ahead. But once you execute it right, it is extremely rewarding to see your points increasing at a rapid rate as well as the number of marbles disappearing.

To be honest, the game isn’t very hard to pick up but to master it, that is one heck of a job. It is easy to get 3 marbles together but to execute a combo, it becomes really tough. I’m not joking, till now I can only execute the most basic of all combos, other than that it is only through sheer luck that I can even get any other. It takes some time to get used to the different combos, but other than that you still can have fun with the basic technique of getting 3 coloured marbles together. That however, will not put you up on the high score board but still it is a good start.

The game controls is smooth and fluid. Flick up or down to change the arrangement of the marbles. Double tap to let the marbles drop immediately. Flick left or right to shift it into the different columns. Simple and neat controls. In addition, there are dots at the background for each individual columns so as to allow you to see clearer and not commit the mistake of placing the marbles at a undesired column. Not necessary but definitely welcomed.Colorix Rainbow Marble

The graphics of the game is sharp and crisp. The pleasantly coloured marbles and the satisfying background make the game even more enjoyable. I mean there is nothing much on the graphical end but it simply feels just right. The special effects when you get the combos done and stuff all feels good and pleasant to the eye. It makes the game look smooth and neat. Something that many other games lack, the feeling is what that matters as well. Complementing it will be the controls as mentioned earlier and it all blends together like a fantastic milkshake. The sound effects in the game is fine but nothing too outstanding for me. Nonetheless it is sufficient and altogether it makes the game a fantastic one.

$2.99 might be a little expensive for some but I must say it is definitely worth it. I mean think about it, not only is it fun, it trains your brains. I’m not kidding, this game has so much strategy and planning in it than it looks. Of course you can go on just getting the basic 3 marble chains, but seriously the combos are extremely tempting to master. I have to admit their catch phrase at their website is pretty true. Once you start, you can’t stop. Puzzle, strategy, fun, Christmas present game? Colorix is definitely the game for you.

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  1. wonderful puzzler:)
    this game dust columns in a sec!

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