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Hangman RSS Word Game 1From the creators of “Guess the News” comes the game Hangman RSS. The game’s innovation is similar to that of GtN. It retrieves latest news from RSS feeds etc from news site in the internet. From then, it generates a word puzzle from mainly the content and mostly the headlines. You have to guess the headline correctly to win and proceed on. The game is now out for the iPhone and iPod Touch at your local appstore.

Like the game’s name, Hangman RSS is hangman with the word puzzles generated from latest news articles. You have certain amount of lives before you actually lose (man being hanged). With the technology and innovation behind the ways the puzzles are generated, you can be sure that the puzzles will never be the same and will always be renewed once you update the game via the internet. The concept behind the retrieval and generation of levels is a very smart and creative idea which saw GtN being rated highly by many people.Hangman RSS Word Game 2

Not only can you have fun with the game, you will also be updated with the latest news happening in the world. From terrorists attacks to the latest gossips, hangman RSS will let you know them all as you complete each level. Upon completion, you get to read the full article to know much more about the event or whatever the article is saying. From the title, you get the gist of the content and if it does interest you, read on. Knowledge and fun doesn’t often come together as a package but Hangman RSS shows how it is done.

There is no time limit within the game. You lose when your man gets hanged, at that is just 7 chances for you to guess a wrong letter. As the difficulty increases, you get more hints but more words to guess as well. This however doesn’t come with the added obstacle in that each word will require a whole new set of letters to guess. For example one puzzle requires you to guess 2 words. For the first word, you can only guess letters for it. Even if the other word has perhaps a letter “S”, while guessing “S” in the first word, it will not be placed into the second word. Instead, once you complete the first word, the letter tiles will refill when guessing the second word.Hangman RSS Reading Articles

To unlock the other difficulties, you have to complete a number of levels in a streak for the easier difficulty. This ensures a steady progress as well as difficulty level as you get used to the way of guessing and thinking. Openfeint is implemented within the game and that adds a certain level of interaction for players. Leaderboards and achievements are always a nice addition to the game.

The only downside Hangman RSS has is the lack of the ability to choose the categories of what news you are interested as per in GtN. Some people would rather have such a feature while others don’t really mind at all. It would be nice to have it though since some people might not be interested in sports news while others more interested in finance etc. It is nice though that they have country specific news which is really nice to those people interested more in local news rather than that in other countries.

Hangman RSS is definitely a gem for word game lovers as is GtN. For the price of $0.99, this is a must buy (applies to word game lovers, others you might want to try the free version first) for not only the fun but also the knowledge aspect that comes with it. Reading newspapers might be a chore for some but playing a word game while learning about the news is certainly something new and welcomed.

Official site link: FingerArts

Itunes Appstore: Hangman RSS $0.99

note: ratings for the category “sound” is similar to that of graphics since the “sound” aspect is not of importance within the game.

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2 thoughts on “Hangman RSS Game Review”

  1. Thank you for the awesome review. We are thrilled to hear that you enjoy playing the game.
    You are also bringing up a valid point. We are considering to offer categories in future updates. Will keep you posted, of course 🙂
    Many Thanks!
    The Finger Arts Team

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  2. Yup categories will be great!

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