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NPCC Mega Camp 2009

This would be the second year the Mega Camp is organised in my school. Mega camp was supposedly filled with only fun and exciting games and activities leaving drills and all the normal trainings aside. This year’s experience was supposed to be different from my previous year for I am a year 4 senior now, the ones behind the organisation of the camp. Yes we did organise (some of my other friends did), but all were rejected. Instead the proposal of another senior (our previous year 4s) was taken into consideration. This is kind of a foreshadowing of the experience we are about to face in the Mega Camp. Continue reading

Area 16 NPCC Survivor Camp 08

Just came back, yesterday to be exact, from my UYO (Uniform Youth Organization) NPCC (National Police Cadet Corps) Survivor Camp held at Pulau Ubin. Hmm, I have always disliked such camps as I hated the discomfort and tiresome activities that are carried out. But we did buy the top rated camping showers this time which made camping more comfortable because I could shower ever couple days. Call me spoilt or whatever but I admit it. I really wonder what I would become when it is time for me to serve the army. AHH! Thinking about that instantly gives me the shivers. Anyways, as I was saying, the camp was somewhat like the previous camp I attended not too long ago (around 6 months back) at Pulau Ubin as well (ATC, Adventure Training Camp). This time around, what were different were the activities that were carried out.

As usual and expected, we were suppose to sleep in tents, slug our guts out running here and there, calming and tolerating all the scolding and complaints by the officers in-charge and enjoying the last day of the camp as officers then were suddenly holy and nice. It is so cliché; everything was as if it was replayed from the previous camp. Same old words, same old scolding, same old everything. It was like watching the same video twice (but an exception of some other EXTRA bonus features).

P.S The following might bore you to death. Good for bed night stories.

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NPCC Mega Camp 08 2008

P.S This is reflections to be handed to my teacher. Kinda narrative but still I thought I should just post this up.

I reported to the camp sick. I was having a slight fever and was coughing away. However the thought of the camp being fun and having no drills at all sure made me went through the whole camp with a positive attitude. Before the camp started, administrative matters were carried out. Fees were collected and we were divided into different groups. Each of the groups contains a number of secondary 1, 2 and 3 cadets with a secondary 4 facilitator. I am glad I had a kind and helpful facilitator taking charge of the group. (well, all of the secondary 4 are actually quite good and kind just that mine was a little kind-er)

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NPCC ATC CAMP 2007 19 OCT – 21 OCT

Today my NPCC (A uniform youth organization for secondary schools in Singapore, National Police Cadet Corps) ATC (Adventure Training Camp) just ended. Feeling really exhausted and tired now. The camp seriously was pretty tough even though there were no drills. Though it was tiring, it sure does have its fun moments. Kayaking was fun and so was the rock wall climbing. Other activities taught us important life skills such as map reading and how to use the compass. Anyways, I will list out the activities in the different days and my thoughts and feelings about them.

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