Dustbins spotted in Swift World

Yup! As you may have observed. I’m a new author in Swift World. I’m pretty new to the blogging scene and a poor user of the English language. I hope you will forgive all my mistakes pertaining to my language, especially English.

I guess every blogger needs to write an introduction about himself so here’s mine in the next paragraph.

I first met a 10 year old Swift in an awesome Half-Life mod called International Online Soccer back in 2003. That is our favourite game back then and we spent countless hours playing it everyday. Unfortunately, the game never gets popular in Asia and Swift quited the game eventually. However, we still kept communicating and talking to each other through messenger. Now I’m currently serving National Service – having completed my diploma last year.

At the request of Swift, I joined as a guest author here to help keep the site updated more frequently (doubt so). I will be mainly posting about reviews and tutorials when I have the time. That all I guess, good bye =).

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