Messenger Bag Madness

Back to school (college this time around) and I’ve gone on an insane spending spree on nothing but messenger bags. I’ve started using a messenger bag years back mainly because I thought they looked “cooler” (I still do) and it was definitely more flexible compared to a backpack.

The ability to swing the bag to the front easy to access contents and whatnots is simply something a backpack will never give. That said, it does have its cons as well and the most major one would be weight distribution. Carrying a heavy load on one shoulder isn’t really advisable and it sure doesn’t feel good either.

The main idea behind messenger bags was to give bicycle messenger or couriers a solution to their storage needs during transportation. The flexibility that comes from a messenger or sling bag was definitely needed as they needed quick access when delivering from places to places. I’m not from a time or place that heavily utilize such couriers but I can definitely understand where such a bag would benefit such people.

In current day world context, messenger bags are definitely used more of a fashion statement rather than for its initial purpose. I do subscribe to the idea that messenger bags look pretty damn good as a bag and fashion accessory. For me personally, messenger and sling bags are aesthetically more appealing than backpacks.

I didn’t have any reasons to buy one during my army days since the one I had bought from the backpacking mall (Timbuk2 Retro Classic) was good enough for storing all my different items needed for army as I booked in and out of camp. That isn’t the case a few weeks back as I prepared for college.

Messenger Bag Madness Timbuk2 Retro Classic

There is this idea that a new year (in this case an academic year) needs new things. That’s why you often see deals online that have the theme “back to school”. It is nice to have new stuff. It kind of gives you the effect that it is time to start afresh and work harder and do better as compared to the previous year. It is as if the new things will make you a better person.

College to some (myself included) marks the start of another rather important chapter in one’s life. Naturally you want to start things well and go on from there. A good start requires you to be prepared. My preparation was getting the stuff I liked (and some are needed) so as to fulfil all my materialistic needs, allowing me to fully concentrate on my studies in the long run. With that in mind, I’ve gotten not one, not two, but three “new” bags (two of them were bought off other people. They were all in great condition though).

Maybe I’ll do some kind of review of the bags or something. They all come from well-known brands. Here are the three messenger bags that I’ve purchased (they are all huge in size because of my huge laptop):

From top to bottom: Mission Workshop The Shed, Chrome Industries Metropolis, Timbuk2 Classic Messenger 2014
From top to bottom: Mission Workshop The Shed, Chrome Industries Metropolis, Timbuk2 Classic Messenger 2014
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