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My Trip to Dreamland

Just came back from my short study trip to San Francisco. It was an entrepreneurship kind of study mission where the university brought us to visit various startups and companies to learn from them. As much as I have learned about the startup scene there in Silicon Valley, the fabled wonderland for tech, the most important takeaway has something to do with my self-awareness. Continue reading

Two Months Internship

I’m two months in-the-ship (internship ya? no? come on play along will ya?). Slowly starting to wrap up what I’ve started and preparing for some handover of the things that I have been doing and have done. Seems that it will be more or less a proof of concept (used internally within the team but not the organization) and nothing more. Still pretty good I guess, learned quite a bit of stuff that I would never actually spend much of my own time to look into.

Another Academic Year Has Passed

Another Academic Year Has Passed

Year 2 is over! I will be starting my internship tomorrow and it will last all the way till the start of the next academic year. Not much time to rest really. In fact, I doubt I had much rest at all considering how I am now rushing a report which is due hours from this post. Currently taking a break to write down some thoughts before I hopefully get flooded with more work. I must admit, this year has been really tiring for me.

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