Another Academic Year Has Passed

Another Academic Year Has Passed

Year 2 is over! I will be starting my internship tomorrow and it will last all the way till the start of the next academic year. Not much time to rest really. In fact, I doubt I had much rest at all considering how I am now rushing a report which is due hours from this post. Currently taking a break to write down some thoughts before I hopefully get flooded with more work. I must admit, this year has been really tiring for me.

I really must learn how to believe in others and not do everything by myself. It gets really tiring to carry the load and responsibilities for every single thing. I just don’t feel confident enough to place my complete trust in others. Not sure if that is justifiable but I just feel that I need to do something in everything to feel confident enough that it is of decent quality. I am not saying that the work of others are bad by any means. It is just the way I work and I need to change that.

Plenty of time to reflect and prepare myself for the next year. For now, I am looking forward to my internship and hopefully I’ll be able to learn some important lessons and gain crucial experience to further prepare myself for what the adults like to call the real world.

[image by Leif and Evonne via flickr]

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