Internship Ends and Academic Year Starts

For the past 4 months I’ve been interning at a bank doing some DevOps work. I think I’ve come a long way from that horrid first two weeks of being lost and feeling terrible. I was totally unprepared for the job and tasks that were handed to me. I mean I guess it is not totally my fault considering how the internship description required me to have HTML5, CSS and Javascript skills (I know right, not exactly your DevOps languages).

Anyhow, looking back I think I’ve accomplish quite a bit (or so my supervisor says). Automating the deployments, building and releasing and whatnot. While it didn’t go all the way to production environment, it feels good to see people actually use it (working professionals, people that I’ve never “work” with till this very internship). Versions were released using my own scripts and processes and applications were deployed using the things I’ve coded. I mean, yeah I guess it is really a very educational time over at the bank despite it being a segment of IT that I have not much interest in.

academic year 2016 2017

With internship out of the way, it is back to school again. Week 1 and I’m already feeling so exhausted. Energy all drained from the half day internship half day final year project work day for the past 4 months. Let’s hope I’ll survive through this first semester of the new academic year.

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