The End to My Schooling Years

Two weeks ago, I took my final academic examination. Last Friday, I submitted my final academic report. Learning does not stop though. It never does.

I am looking to take a less than normal route for graduates. I do not know if this is going to be the dumbest mistake or the smartest move I will have made in my lifetime. I do not intend to look for a “job” per say. I have done my time interning at very different companies. A tech giant, and a money filled private bank. Both gave me a sight into the life of office based work and while the prospects of a high and stable income is certainly exciting, the work is not.

I will pen down my exact plans and objectives before the end of the year. I have given myself a year to explore this way of life and job and hopefully I will be determined enough and persevere to the very end, hopefully to see myself happy and satisfied.

[photo credits: Luftphilia via Flickr]

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