Another Internship Another Self-Discovery

This week marks the final week of my 3 month internship stint with Google. I learn a lot about Google, its products, services, the culture and of course the people. I am really fortunate to be able to experience what is it like to work in one of the best companies (in terms of the workplace happiness survey thing) in the world.

I went into Google (Singapore, APAC HQ) as a business intern doing some automation work for report generation. While I did not manage to taste what it is like to be a software engineer, I did manage to get a glimpse of what it feels like to work in a company where people are mostly friendly and highly motivated.

The entire atmosphere, while some may sense stress and tension at times, simply pushes you to go the extra mile. The vast resources available empowers those who know how to make use of them. The network of some of the most brilliant minds creates opportunities like never before.

All that said, maybe it is time to finally try to do something on my own. Previously I experienced what it is like to work on something that is challenging and exciting. This time I experienced what it is like to work on something with good people. The best scenario would, I assume, be to work on something that is challenging and exciting with good people. If I am going to work for others that is something I really hope I am able to find.

Otherwise, one of the main point I learn about myself is the need for ownership. I want to own something. I want something to say that this is mine and this thing of mine is making an impact in people’s lives. I need to try to do something like that. We’ll see.

[Photo credits to Peter Lee via Flickr]

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