The Game That Time Forgot – An Indie Developer’s Story

Here are the thoughts of an indie developer after he finally finishes developing the game he started 13 years ago. Learn from his mistakes as he lists out the six “A”s that you should pay special attention to. The video right after the break.

Perseverance and hard-work finally pays off as his game is finally released. It is free and you can play it right now. Download it off his site at: Shower him with some love and attention and let him know how he did. I’ll be sure to try it out soon. After all it is free!

One thought on “The Game That Time Forgot – An Indie Developer’s Story”

  1. Thank you for such an inspiring story! I think it is always important to do the things you’ve started up to the end. Even when it is hard and you got disappointed and think it is impossible. And this story of game developer proves – you can do it!

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