Learning and Coding for 9 Days Straight

break week 2016

It is “recess”/”break” week for university kids here in Singapore! While mine ends today, others start tomorrow. In the course I’m studying, “break” week is more like “make or break” week. You’ll basically be piled with so much stuff that taking too much a break will literally break everything.

Anyhow, I’ve been spending the past few days learning and coding a web application prototype for one of the courses I’m taking. The web application, to be used on mobile devices, is to cater to parents who wants to capture their children journey in life. Be it to record information about their kids growth, health or even just to capture precious moments and share it with others, Tree of Life (the web app) is here to help!

Tree of Life

You can view the application here: Tree of Life

It is a meteor app with React as the front-end framework. I have never touched much of JavaScript before this and boy was it fun. There are still loads to do but for a prototype I think it should more or less suffice. Animations and transitions are terrible (going to learn how to port to native mobile some time soon) but it was the best I could do, at least for now.

Have a few pet projects that I want to start working on, especially now that I’ve gotten a little bit more experience with the frameworks and technology stack that I am planning to use.

For now, I think I’ll take a break first and finish up those remaining work from my other modules. Oh the irony of taking a break.

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