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Power Searching with Google

Google Search is a god sent tool for people all around the world. All kinds of people use it for all of their different purposes. We do have many other alternatives but in my opinion Google’s search engine is the finest and best at this point of time. I have used it extensively during my school days as a portal of information. I am now still using it for various other purposes and will continue to do so in the future. With that said, in order to capitalize on such a powerful and useful tool, there are some techniques that you can acquire and learn to enhance your search for information. Google has so kindly provided a series of lessons and tutorials to teach you how to search smartly and powerfully with their search engine. Continue reading

Google Project Glass Augmented Reality Glasses

Well the big brother is about to change the way you look at things forever. Introducing Google’s Project Glass, augmented reality is coming soon right before your very own eyes. See the world in a totally different manner. It totally feels like a hollywood movie, just that this time it is going to get real. Getting directions, weather forecasts, latest news and updates will happen right before your eyes. It sounds absolutely futuristically fantastic. Read on for the video introducing Project Glass. Continue reading