My Trip to Dreamland

Just came back from my short study trip to San Francisco. It was an entrepreneurship kind of study mission where the university brought us to visit various startups and companies to learn from them. As much as I have learned about the startup scene there in Silicon Valley, the fabled wonderland for tech, the most important takeaway has something to do with my self-awareness.

I have always thought that the USA is where I should work towards to. Being a tech person, Silicon Valley is somewhere I should aim to break into. Be it working for one of the bigger tech companies, a smaller startup or even starting one up on my own, USA is the place. That said, this very short trip opened my eyes and mind as to what I really want.

San Francisco and the USA does not feel like home to me. I am not sure why or what exactly made me feel this way. It is just that having a slight taste of life there did not provide any form of additional motivation or excitement. Perhaps I had too high hopes of the place. Or maybe I just followed what the rest of the people were saying and not truly understanding what exactly it is that I want. It could also be that the new ties I have developed back here that changed my thinking.

All that said it feels good to finally go to the other part of the world. It sure feels different. Do I need that difference in my life? Not now, not yet, maybe never.

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