Not Dead and Still Alive

It has been a long long time since I last updated anything. For the past few weeks I’ve mainly been spending my time training, training and training and nothing else. Yes, I’m currently living the life of a Singaporean male youth undergoing the compulsory army life. Damn it is tiring and damn too that it is a total waste of my life.

I’ll be honest; I’m never too in favour of living and undergoing such a life. I rather spend my time now doing something else. All whining aside, I’m glad to be finally home after 3 weeks of intense physical training. Just 2 days of rest and it is back to the gruelling life of a soldier again. Being able to laze around in bed, eat slowly, not having to rush every single second and not fearing to make a minor mistake so as to get myself (or rather the whole platoon and section) punished is definitely welcomed. Ah it sure feels good to be home, and it feels even better having experienced something totally the opposite. Juxtaposition between army life and life sure helps to allow me to enjoy and appreciate my precious time more.

Anyways, just wanted to write a little update to let people know that I’m neither dead nor gone but it is just that I’m living a life filled with nothing but physical activities and stuff that I have no interest of. I’ll now go back to enjoy my precious few hours of rest and catch up with some of the TV shows and news that I’ve missed for the past few weeks.

And I’ll just say it once more: damn it feels good to be home.

[image by: mrlins via flickr]

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