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Exams Over! At Least For Now

I have not update since 2 weeks ago. Exactly, if you followed my twitter during those 2 weeks you understand how much I was struggling with studying and playing. Examination period is not only a test of intelligence, but also discipline and I have none of them. Anyways, at least it is over for now. All my subjects are pretty fine (when I say “fine” it means passable) except for my 2 major subjects: Physics and Mathematics. Why major? Cause they are taken at the higher level, H2 whichever you call it. I think I’ll probably not do well in both, passing would be an overstatement. Continue reading

Examination in Progress

Examination period in progress, please do not disturb, I am currently studying, playing video games and watching the world cup. I am busy, very busy. Not only do I have to juggle with schoolwork, I’ve to plan my time so as to fit in as much play time and watching time as possible. Thank god the world cup isn’t next year; else I’ll probably not have a future.  With that said, this current week and the next week are filled with different subjects’ individual examinations. Actually, I’ve already completed all except one of my six subjects. That also explains the inactivity of the site. Yes, I’ve been studying, and playing. Continue reading

Failure Feeling Yet Again

Just finished my math test two days ago and guess what, I think I did really badly. It is the same feeling as say my Secondary 2 and 3 years before I had some emergency tuition to help pull my socks up. Maybe I do need to pay some money to get myself disciplined to start working. Maybe I don’t, I really don’t know. It is the failure feeling yet again and I think I might just get it engraved even deeper within me tomorrow as I will be taking the English test. Continue reading

Final Battle 2009

Ready! Set…. Fi… I ain’t ready yet. I can’t set myself. I can’t fight. Bloody hell, it is just 3 days more till the start of the final battle of 2009. This battle would most probably be the same for almost every student who are currently studying (I don’t think it applies to university students). It is the end of year examinations, the most important examination of the whole year. Awesome stuff are always packed for the last. Continue reading

The Moment of Truth

image by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jackhynes/

Gotten back my results. Guess I did okay, not too good nor really too bad. But the results aren’t something I should really be proud of or whatsoever. Glad I didn’t fail any of my subjects, did poorly on papers which I felt was surprisingly easy, did averagely on paper I felt was normal, managing a pass for papers which I felt hard. Here the subjects and their respective grades: Continue reading

Examinations Ahoy! First Battle of 2009

Tomorrow would officially mark the week whereby the first term’s examinations begin. Rather shocked how fast the first term’s examinations arrived. With less than a month or so to study anything new, most subjects would be testing the tiny bits we learnt in January/February and the chunk we ought to have entered into our brains at the end of 2008. This also means that … … I’m screwed! Yay! I have and not proud to say that most of my 2008 knowledge have gone down and out of my system. Besides, whatever I learnt in 2008 isn’t really mastered yet (e.g math). This thus equals to: I have to study!

As I typed this post, I think (yes I think) I am Continue reading

I Flunked the Examinations

Everyone has their own expectations. I am no exception. Everyone has their bests, I do as well. Therefore my opinion of flunking the examinations is my marks getting below 60%. Never in my whole education life so far did I ever get an average score of below 70%. Perhaps I am too demanding? Many of you might say “Holy cow, 70%? That’s like heavenly high!” Yeah, but for me, it is my average marks I ought to achieve.

During the examination period I had no self discipline. I played for an hour before starting to mug and I only started revising (or actually studying in my case) around a week before the examinations are about to begin. Some subjects I had only a day to actually learn the new concepts due to the fact that I care less about me not fully understanding the topic taught in school and not bothering to ask. However, regretting is of no use. I ought to pull up my socks and start preparing for the later examinations.

Here are my marks for you to look down on, oh well. (I totally deserve it)

Advanced Mathematics 72 78 75.4 6
Biology 73 55 62.7 5
Chemistry 90 57 71.1 6
Core Mathematics 90 59 72.3 6
Higher Chinese 72 47 57.7 4
IHS (Smth like Hist.) 80 53 64.6 5
English 74 68 71.0 6
Physics 63 53 57.3 4

Total: 532/800
Avgr: 66.50

It was thanks to my term 1 results that help pulled my overall semester’s average up by around 10%. Without considering the term 1 results, my average would have been well below 60%, and that is actually extremely horrible for my standard. That is it for today, loads of reflecting need to be done, loads of work to catch up to.