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Lego Pop-up

Lego bricks are building blocks for great sculptures, models and all kinds of things. They come in various form and sizes, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s content. I’ve come across several marvellous works and art pieces based off Lego bricks. What I’ve never seen before though is the use of these hard Lego pieces to create pop-up art. The video after the break. Continue reading

Kinetic Rain at Changi Airport Singapore

Changi Airport is one of the top airports in the world. Whether is it the service wise, facilities or the general experience at the airport, it ranks one of the highest in the world. Adding to its highly regarded reputation of being a world class airport is a work of art called Kinetic Rain. Kinetic rain consists of 608 rain droplets that are made out of lightweight aluminum. They are suspended by the use of thin steel ropes that are all connected to a motor that is hidden in the ceilings above. From there, the rain droplets can move and form different shapes and structures that are simply gorgeous to watch. Be prepared to stop and stare. Continue reading

iPhone Discover the magic of M.C. Escher Review

Todays iPhone app that I will be reviewing isn’t so much of fun from games but instead it is fun from viewing some of the most amazing works by M.C. Escher. M.C. Escher (Maurits Cornelis Escher in full) was a Dutch graphic artist who is known for his mathematically inspired works, and these often featured impossible constructions such as in infinite staircase and so on. What this app does, is share the joy and magic that this great man produced, and if you’re looking for some mesmerizing pictures to look at, this app certainly does just that. Continue reading