Resource Furniture – Space Saving Genius

Land space is pricey in many countries, I know that for in Singapore a big house in a good location means that you cannot just have a big wallet, but a huge bank as well. Money is not only the case though, land space itself isn’t unlimited and is constantly decreasing as new buildings are erected etc, I do believe that in future space given to each individual is going to be really small and that is why such innovations are definitely welcomed. Innovations such as space saving furnitures that is. Read on for the videos on such beautifully and intelligently designed furnitures that will definitely wow you.

Thats right, a desk under a bed, dinning table from corner pieces, chairs from benches etc. Really really creative thinking there and do not that those shown in the video aren’t just concepts but actually working products! The thing is the huge price tag that follows it. I know I won’t be able to afford them any time soon but I can afford to drool and go “ah that is an ingenious idea”. One more video at the bottom to show you some of their past few products, really amazing stuff.

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