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Resource Furniture – Space Saving Genius

Land space is pricey in many countries, I know that for in Singapore a big house in a good location means that you cannot just have a big wallet, but a huge bank as well. Money is not only the case though, land space itself isn’t unlimited and is constantly decreasing as new buildings are erected etc, I do believe that in future space given to each individual is going to be really small and that is why such innovations are definitely welcomed. Innovations such as space saving furnitures that is. Read on for the videos on such beautifully and intelligently designed furnitures that will definitely wow you. Continue reading

Rhythm Detecting Lock

This is a really cool way of locking your house. We hear of finger print recognization locks, the common key locks, number code locks and so on. But today, I’ll be sharing with you a lock that is cool and new (to me at least). A guy posted a video on how his lock works and it simply works by recognizing a knocking pattern. Sounds great? Yes it is, read on for the video. Continue reading