Rhythm Detecting Lock

This is a really cool way of locking your house. We hear of finger print recognization locks, the common key locks, number code locks and so on. But today, I’ll be sharing with you a lock that is cool and new (to me at least). A guy posted a video on how his lock works and it simply works by recognizing a knocking pattern. Sounds great? Yes it is, read on for the video.

The product itself:
Secret Knock Detecting Lock

From Steve Hoefer (the creator) site:

How many times have you seen a secret hideout with a secret knock? It’s a staple of cheesy dramas, Saturday afternoon movies, and tree houses throughout the world.

While working on another project I ran across the Arduino knock sensor tutorial. Sensing a single knock is a great little project for learning about microcontrollers, but what about sensing specific knocks? Seeeeecret knocks? And if we could detect a secret knock, shouldn’t it unlock a door? If you can’t tell by looking this was cobbled together from spare stuff around the lab, it’s not much more than a piezo speaker, a tiny gear reduction motor, and an Arduino. And PVC pipe.

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