Berkeley Ridicuolously Automated Dorm

Meet BRAD, Berkeley Ridicuolously Automated Dorm. Automated lighting, curtains and music are just some of the functionalities of BRAD. BRAD responds to voice commands, apps on various platforms and timer based scripts. This is indeed one of the coolest dorm rooms that I have ever come across. To spend that much time, effort and money into making all the different things work is simply worthy of much praise. Read on for some inspirations for your next room makeover project.

It is great to see such interesting projects being showcased to the public. BRAD is really cool in my opinion and the way it responds to voice commands and how everything is all automated simply makes a geek like me go crazy. The ability to simply shout out voice commands to activate specific functions such as the lighting should also go fantastically well in the books of lazier people. I mean, comeon who wants to walk to the power switch to turn off the lights when you can simply shout out something perhaps in the lines of “let there be darkness” and darkness will be granted.

I would definitely love to embark on such a project on my room should I have the knowledge and determination. It is kind of a pity knowing that the room will not permantly be his as he will be leaving eventually. Its a dorm room, not his house or anything. But seeing what he has already produced I cannot imagine the possibilties when he works on larger projects of similar concept.

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