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Shanghai Tower – Second Tallest Building in the World

China is building their tallest ever building and it will be launched somewhere next year in 2015. The building, named Shanghai Tower, is the world’s second tallest building. What’s the view like from the very top? Wait a minute, it isn’t completed so how can we tell? With the usefulness and capabilities of a body mounted camera, two guys show you how to reach the top (when the building is still under construction) and what’s it like from above.

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The Secret Of Animation (So Easy)

Did you know that making animation is extremely easy? With the right tools, you can start animating your own short film or video within minutes! The future is here guys, animation has never been so simple. Just get your 3D model ready and with some preparation, you will be ready to go in no time. Let Giovanni Braggio, a freelance animator based in London, show you exactly how. Continue reading

Lego Pop-up

Lego bricks are building blocks for great sculptures, models and all kinds of things. They come in various form and sizes, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s content. I’ve come across several marvellous works and art pieces based off Lego bricks. What I’ve never seen before though is the use of these hard Lego pieces to create pop-up art. The video after the break. Continue reading

Berkeley Ridicuolously Automated Dorm

Meet BRAD, Berkeley Ridicuolously Automated Dorm. Automated lighting, curtains and music are just some of the functionalities of BRAD. BRAD responds to voice commands, apps on various platforms and timer based scripts. This is indeed one of the coolest dorm rooms that I have ever come across. To spend that much time, effort and money into making all the different things work is simply worthy of much praise. Read on for some inspirations for your next room makeover project.

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What Is There in the Darkroom?

Prepare a camera and be prepared to be amazed. To fully enjoy what you are about to see, you will require to have a camera that has the fuctionality of adjusting the shutter speed. Smartphone cameras will do as well with the help of special apps such as “Shutter Cam” (as mentioned by the producer of the video). Have your camera ready? Read on for the video and be sure to follow the instructions at the beginning.

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Intense India Train Surfing

Ever heard of train surfing? Let me rip off a chunk of information from wikipedia’s article on train surfing: Train surfing is riding or climbing (“surfing”) on the outside of a moving train. This activity is illegal in many countries and is prohibited by administrative law. Now with the definition in mind, read on for the intense video of some intense train surfing action that took placed in India. Continue reading

Möbius Story: Wind and Mr. Ug

A Möbius story? What on earth is that? Is it of romance, comedy, fantasy? What is a Möbius story? Or rather you should ask, what is Möbius?Lazy to google that up? Nevermind, I shall pamper you before you watch some creative usage of some of his discoveries. Möbius is the last name of a German mathematician, August Ferdinand Möbius, famous for his discovery of the Möbius strip. Now before I go on about the Möbius strip, how about you go on and watch a short little video of a short little story on the character(s) “Wind” and “Mr. Ug”. Continue reading