Shanghai Tower – Second Tallest Building in the World

China is building their tallest ever building and it will be launched somewhere next year in 2015. The building, named Shanghai Tower, is the world’s second tallest building. What’s the view like from the very top? Wait a minute, it isn’t completed so how can we tell? With the usefulness and capabilities of a body mounted camera, two guys show you how to reach the top (when the building is still under construction) and what’s it like from above.

Shanghai Tower

Just from viewing the video you can feel the excitement from that immense height. My goodness is it scary to climb to the top of an unfinished building. I mean there are some platforms here and there but seriously though? That’s extremely dangerous! I guess some people love living their lives on the edge. It’s the thrill that some seek. I guess if there weren’t guys like the two in the video, we wouldn’t get to see such an amazing sight.

If you looked at their other videos, you will realize that they enjoy doing such things. The Shanghai Tower isn’t their first, hopefully isn’t their last either. I’m not worried for their physical or mental well being (they should be more than fine. Some people might even feel giddy or scared after watching the video from their couch) What I’m worried is whether or not they are legally fine. However, they being able to upload and post the video and all would simply mean that they are doing fine.

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