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Banished Review

Banished was highlighted to the enraged Simcity (2013) community back when the game (Simcity) was riddled with bugs and problems. It was another game within the city building genre (village building to be more exact) and it created some hype after seeing the fail launch of the highly anticipated Simcity. What is even more amazing is that the game is developed by just one guy. Nevertheless, a game ultimately has to be judged by its entertainment value and not by how it is being developed. I’ve played the game for about 20 hours and here is my take on the medieval city building game Banished.

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Shanghai Tower – Second Tallest Building in the World

China is building their tallest ever building and it will be launched somewhere next year in 2015. The building, named Shanghai Tower, is the world’s second tallest building. What’s the view like from the very top? Wait a minute, it isn’t completed so how can we tell? With the usefulness and capabilities of a body mounted camera, two guys show you how to reach the top (when the building is still under construction) and what’s it like from above.

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Simcity Societies Review

Simcity Societies Box ArtI have played the simcity series since years back. I must say that the latest release by EA, Simcity Societies is definitely different especially in terms of gameplay. Is this difference positive or negative? Well, I would say positive for some, negative for others. It all depends on your personal likings and what type of gamer you are. I remembered back then I hated simcity games because they are simply too complicated and hard for my simple mind. When building power stations, you have to connect electrical cables in order to transport electricity to parts of your city. That is not all, water pipes etc all have to be planned properly and build in order for your city to run smoothly. I must admit that I do not have the cut to be a city planner in future. Gameovers are practically promised whenever I start a new game in whichever difficulty. The thing is, Simcity Societies is way different. Its simplistic gameplay and colourful graphics caught my attention and gave me enjoyable hours of fun. Yay for casual gamers, nay for hardcore players.

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