iOS Always Win App Review

Always Win is a simple iOS app that allows you to, always win. It is a game for two players. Simply draw a card (virtually on your iOS device of course) for each player and the player with the higher card wins. Simple? Definitely and very so especially when you know the secret behind the game.

Basically the secret behind the app and for you to always win is to know where to press to draw the card. There are three regions that you can press, the top, middle and bottom of the deck. Simply press top to allow the top player to win and bottom for the bottom player to win! If you think you’re lucky, you can attempt to press the middle which randomizes the cards drawn (to play fair in other words). So what exactly is the point of the app? Well not much really unless you can find someone and something to bet with. Say for example you and your younger sibling are deciding who does the dishes, the app now comes handy if the other party is agreeable. Or maybe, you can attempt to earn a dollar or two by simply betting with a friend. There are endless possibilities with the app as long as your friend (or not afterwards) don’t doubt your intentions and the seemingly innocent looking app.

Be sure to open the app first as letting the other party know the name of the app isn’t too appropriate. Also, try not to let the other person press the question mark to see the mechanics behind the app. When they ask, simply close the app and make an excuse to run. So yes, perhaps the developers can do something about that and make the help screen appear only with some special gestures or placing the icon somewhere less prominent. Additional features can also be added to make it more tricky and awesome perhaps tilting and pressing or whatever to result in different outcomes. I mean the more tricks the better to keep the secret hidden right?

Always Win is out in the iTunes app store for the price of $0.99. Do feel free to get it and earn the dollar back by always winning. Happy winning!

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