Mini American Football Trick Play

I’ve been watching American football once in a while ever since I’ve got the channel to watch such sports. American football itself is kind of fun to watch, played some mini version in school and is kind of fun as well. Like all sports, it is often filled with excitement and some times amazing plays that just can never get out of your mind. Just remembered watching the highlight of how one team used a fake punt play or something and scored a winning touch down (sorry don’t really follow much so I’m unsure about the teams’ name. Watched it off youtube as well). Amazing stuff there, and here today I’ve chanced upon yet another amazing play, a tricky one.

Is that even legal? Apparently so since the referee didn’t stop the match or anything. Look at that guy’s acting skills! His team mates as well, great drama looking confused and blur. Damn that is what I call teamwork! Little guys making such sly cunning tricky plays, the coach is one hell of a person to teach these small middle schoolers such tricky play. And yes if you’re wondering why they’re so small in size, it is a middle school match. Not sure if this will ever happen again, not at least in professional matches, I think.

p.s please do not debate on whether American football should be called football and football called soccer. Yes I believe I’ve made my stance in that particular sentence alone. Like it or not, football is much more global than that of American football.

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