Arcade Ghost Squad Live Action Role Play Gamer

We have all sorts and kinds of gamers: pro gamers, competitive gamer, casual gamer, role playing gamers and so on. Today, we have an elite role playing arcade champion gamer. I’ve once been to my local arcade and witness someone who completely owned one of the shooting game. If I remembered correctly it was the game called Rambo or something like that. At one point he was talking on the phone and shooting with one hand. And as you expect, right before the enemy would appear fully he would have already shot them down. Amazing? Well, yes indeed unless you see this amazing gamer at work.

Role playing arcade gamer for the win? Too bad he ain’t fully dressed up (like the kid in the picture). His actions and timings are all so perfectly timed though, a pity he only have those gloves on. Man, I wonder how much time he has spent to memorize everything. But as what someone always tell me, if you want to do something, do it right and do it well. He sure took it to a whole new level.

p.s There’s no need to watch the entire video. As amusing and amazing as it is, all you need to watch is the beginning and the end. If you are really dying to see his awesome skills then watch a little of the middle section. No point spending 14 minutes on this when you can go think of the next game that you can practice to own like him.

[image by: jeroen020]

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