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Arcade Ghost Squad Live Action Role Play Gamer

We have all sorts and kinds of gamers: pro gamers, competitive gamer, casual gamer, role playing gamers and so on. Today, we have an elite role playing arcade champion gamer. I’ve once been to my local arcade and witness someone who completely owned one of the shooting game. If I remembered correctly it was the game called Rambo or something like that. At one point he was talking on the phone and shooting with one hand. And as you expect, right before the enemy would appear fully he would have already shot them down. Amazing? Well, yes indeed unless you see this amazing gamer at work. Continue reading

Shoot Music Up Shmusicup Review

Shmusicup, shoot music up, is an indie music rhythm game that fuses the classic shoot’em up top down shooters with music rhythm based games such as audiosurf. What kind of fusion? Basically, it analyses the music pattern of whatever music that is fed into the game and generates a shootingpattern based on that. What players will have to do is to destroy the boss while surviving in such a shooting pattern. Continue reading

Cat Run AirAttack Astro Dodge iPhone Games Review

SwiftWorld iPhone Games Round-Up

From cats running across roads to flying war planes and to space ships, we have them all in this iPhone Games Review round-up! Cat Run is a fun arcade style game where the objectives are similar to that of the classic game called Frogger and the gameplay style is that of Flight Control. AirAttack is an arcade shooter where you simply shoot down enemies as they come and stay alive to win the level. Astro Dodge is an asteroid game where you stay alive and collect points. Read on for a more detailed review of the games. Continue reading

Cocoto Magic Circus iPhone Review

Cocoto Magic Circus was first introduced as a Wii Shooter. This time, it has been ported over to the iPhone and iPod Touch. This review is based on the handheld iPhone version. Cocoto Magic Circus is kind of like an arcade shooter with series of mini-games. You go from stages to stages completing tasks to proceed while failing in doing so results in a lost in life. The game is now out for $0.99 at your local appstore for a limited time. Continue reading

Aegis iPhone Game Review

Aegis is a boat arcade shooter game where it places you in the hands of a warship. The game presents you with several levels and to complete each level and proceed to the next, you just have to destroy all enemies present. Before the end of every main mission (each mission divided into several smaller levels for example 1-1, 1-2 so on), you usually meet a boss or a situation which is significantly more difficult to complete than the rest of the mission. Win and you get to proceed on (checkpoint as well). Aegis is now out for the iPhone and iPod Touch at the price of $0.99 Continue reading