Razer: The Hax Life

Ever thought of becoming a professional gamer? Ever thought of participating in the World Cyber Games and win that championship cash prize? Well, if you do, you have to know some of the cyber gaming terms and this video serves exactly that purpose. For example in games you have to have a high APM (Action Per Minute) to ensure that you can get things done right quickly and thus giving you an edge over your opponent. You have to be able to think fast, react to the different circumstances. You have to put in hours of practice, watch others performance and learn and so on.This video showcases some madass cyber gamers from korea and explains a little of the life of a professional gamer. Their life is rather cool, playing games for a living. How much more awesome can life be? I mean unless you hate video games then of course you think playing games hours after hours as a substitute for other work sucks. In conjunction with the World Cyber Games 2010 and EVO 2010 (largest and longest-running fighting game tournaments in the world) I present you this video that showcases some professional gamers from Korea.

Cyber Gaming

Just for your info, World Cyber Games 2010 will be held Los Angeles USA  Sep 30th to Oct 3th and EVO 2010 concluded in 11th July.

An additional video of the passionate viewers EVO 2010:

[image by gnackgnackgnack]

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