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iOS Always Win App Review

Always Win is a simple iOS app that allows you to, always win. It is a game for two players. Simply draw a card (virtually on your iOS device of course) for each player and the player with the higher card wins. Simple? Definitely and very so especially when you know the secret behind the game. Continue reading

Real Life Aimbot

If you’ve played First-Person Shooter (FPS) games online you will definitely know what an aimbot is. Yes, those bloody aimbotters who simply miraculously perform headshots every single time within the blink of the eye. An aimbot is basically a type of game bot or rather program/hack that helps the user to aim according to settings. I first came into contact with such cheaters in the popular FPS Counter Strike. It is widely used then by cheaters but since the introduction of anti-hack measures it died down by quite a bit. It is awesome and extremely dangerous at the same time should there be such a function in real life. Hit the jump for the real life demonstration of how an aimbotter rolls. Continue reading