Left 4 Dead Fan Movie Teaser

Fans are often the case for value adding in the gaming and entertainment industry. We have communities that make mods that change your gaming experience entirely for the better, we have people who come out with fixes and workarounds to ease certain burdens, and we also have people who go the extra mile to show their love for a particular game by creating a fan movie film. Inspired by the well received Left 4 Dead, a survival horror zombie FPS game, Northern Five Entertainment together with Airsoft GI are producing a fan film. Read on for the teaser video.

Wow, simply wow. The music, the shooting, the lighting, the everything just seem so professional. Well I’m not an expert in cinematography but it sure looked and sounded great to me. I can’t wait for the full film to be released! Don’t we all just love some zombie action.

p.s for those wondering what the background song is in the teaser its The Space in Between by How to Destroy Angels

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