Microsoft Surface 2 – A Big Ass Table

I used to remember watching a parody years back on the introduction of the microsoft surface. Microsoft surface is something similar to that of your smart phones and touch screen devices. Instead of being a phone or a computer, it is built in the form of the size similar to that of a television. Yup, a touch screen device of that size. It was first introduced to be in the form of a table, serving the purpose of both a table and that of your mini computer of some sort. Now they’re saying that you can put it anywhere on the walls etc. If it is placed on a table, it sure is a huge ass table alright. In the very recent Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (CES), Microsoft is back again with supposedly the newer version of their Microsoft Surface. Watched several videos on it and it sure looks awesome! Read on for some videos that showcases this huge ass awesome table.

Amazing? Yeah, but it will definitely cost a bomb. Well you can say that it does actually serve little purpose considering its size and usability compared to that of smartphones and so on, but you cannot deny the fact that it sure is a cool device to have in your home be it using it on the walls or the tables. I mean seriously, putting that anywhere will be used so frequently simply for the sheer fun factor and technologically advanced features. Anyways here is another video that gives a bit more light into what the Microsoft surface does.

And lastly if you’re wondering what parody I’m talking about, I’ve embedded it right below. It is funny, and I love the catch phrase of it. “It is not an iPhone. It is a big ass table”. Oh yeah, a huge ass table for the win! (It was advertised back than as a table and not like a device to put on walls etc if I remembered correctly. Might have gotten it wrong but it sure is a better direction now that they’re talking about it being placed on other places such as walls and so on.) Haha an awesome voice over a commercial/introductory video made by Microsoft back then. You can never get enough of such technology related parodies.

P.S From the looks of how they’re going about advertising and showcasing the device, it seems like they’re really serious into having it as a table form device eh? Nevertheless, I’ll get it if it is within the range of a thousand or two. Yeah, that will probably be the price when iPhone 10 comes out. I’ll keep waiting till then though.

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