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Microsoft Surface 2 – A Big Ass Table

I used to remember watching a parody years back on the introduction of the microsoft surface. Microsoft surface is something similar to that of your smart phones and touch screen devices. Instead of being a phone or a computer, it is built in the form of the size similar to that of a television. Yup, a touch screen device of that size. It was first introduced to be in the form of a table, serving the purpose of both a table and that of your mini computer of some sort. Now they’re saying that you can put it anywhere on the walls etc. If it is placed on a table, it sure is a huge ass table alright. In the very recent Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (CES), Microsoft is back again with supposedly the newer version of their Microsoft Surface. Watched several videos on it and it sure looks awesome! Read on for some videos that showcases this huge ass awesome table. Continue reading